Because I am so Practical
**This post will, in no way, enhance your life

I love J.Crew

I always have and I always will. I have to buy items on sale otherwise I could never afford anything. These are the items I am most wishing for now. The above shoes I would totally wear any chance I had, but because I am practical I would buy the "Roasted Pumpkin" ones below. Suede would wear longer than calf skin, I'm quite certain. I wouldn't feel quite as funky though. If I was truly practical I would buy brown or some other mundane color like that. But, thankfully, I am not.

This bag is so me. I like oversize bags with lots of pockets. Why? I don't know. As of now in my current oversize purse I have gum, my wallet, sunglasses, checkbook, a pen, hand sanitizer, fold-up scissors, my phone and lip gloss. They are all totally lost in there.

I would wear this coat at all times, but in green. The red, as much as I love it, would totally clash with my hair. And I care about these things.

"Dear Model,
Could we please exchange cheekbones? I'd be forever in your debt.
Love, Andrea"

These shoes are beautiful to me.

Practical - shmatical. I love them and that is all that matters. It's my dream.
The End.
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