Eve and her Fan Club

The emphasis on buying local is huge in Vermont. I oblige when it's convenient for me. (how's that for honest!) After all, I wouldn't want to hurt Costco's feelings, now would I?! One place I shop at very often (I buy my chocolate there if that's a clue as how often 'very often' is) is our local health food store. At this store Eve has her own fan club; the employees fuss over her, give her stickers and flowers, hugs, fruit, even pennies a few times. Last night, after paying for the item I went there to buy, Eve's favorite cashier gave me these two beautiful plate sets. One for Eve and one for Judah.

She said that she wanted to give them to her favorite people. The kids flipped for them this morning!! Corn flakes never tasted so good.
To thank Laura, Eve and I made her a cute little thank you card. When I asked Eve why she spelled her name with two "v's " she said: " Because I love Laura so much!" It's really no wonder people love her all over this town.

Since Judah slept until well after ten this morning, Eve and I enjoyed some creative girl time. What fun it was! And Laura loved her card. It was a good morning.
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