Calling all Pregnant Women!
Hi, I'm Side of a Barn - formally known as Andrea. Do you see my belly in this picture? It is taking over the world. The United States Post Office is calling me, insisting that I register my "bump" with it's own zip code.

Oh, you think I'm joking?

The reason for this post is purely to satisfy my curiosity. I am interested to know how many of you who read this blog are pregnant. And I might need to know that there are others who feel like a large building with two legs instead of the woman they use to be. Empathy, sympathy, general commiseration - I'll take whatever I can get. Misery loves company. Or so they say.

So, tell me... when are you due? Do you know what you are having? Do you feel as big as I do?

I am so finished with this pregnancy. Last night I had the strongest urge to run into my bedroom and flop on the bed (yes, I'm still 5 years old). I actually started to move in that direction... I quickly realized that it would end very badly if I followed through on my urge. It goes to show you that somewhere deep inside I am still 125 pounds. That girl is just hiding right now. I'm going to find her... just give me a few months, or a year.
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