Happy Birthday Judah!
The last few nights you have insisted that I rock you to sleep.

"I 'ock", "I 'ock" you say, while pointing at the big brown recliner.

And I am more than happy to oblige. I couldn't care less if you are two or twelve. If you want me to rock you to sleep, you better believe I will.
Truthfully, it has been a balm to my heart. You curl your body up against mine, trying to find a comfortable position around the bump that is your new brother or sister. Your sweet breath caresses my neck while you fall asleep. And I sit there, rocking for as long as I want, just holding you. I know that having my arms wrapped around your little body is a fleeting stage. One you will soon leave behind.

I love the way you love me Judah. Someday you'll figure out that I'm not perfect, but right now - to you - I am. The way you smile at me, the way you snuggle me, your laughter, how you ask for me when I am not near, hearing your little voice whisper "nigh, nigh" after I tuck you in to sleep, and a million other things about you... there isn't anything better in this world.
You are a sweet boy, Judah. You are my sweet, sweet little boy. I am so in love with you. Please... don't grow up anymore. But if you must, always remember that your Mama loves you like no one else ever will.

Happy Birthday Stud!

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