Pregnancy Brain
I wish I had something compelling to write about. But, I don't. I'm just really tired today. And still kind of skeeved out by the Roto Rooter man that came to my house this morning. He is creepy, very creepy. According to him, we have tree roots growing into our pipes for nutrition. Um, nasty. As my landlord said - that is about the last place she'd be going for nutrition.
Amen Sister!
I have also been battling a major case of the pregnancy brain - I totally forgot that my MOPS small group is responsible for the dinner tomorrow night. What if I had never remembered? Wouldn't that have been embarrassing! I shiver at the thought.
I did however remember to order my birthing tub and birth kit. I feel much better knowing those items are on their way. One month, just one month left, perhaps then I can have my brain back. Really though, I'd settle for a partial brain right about now. Anything is better than nothing. And nothing is what I am working with. It's not pretty.
Oh, and it's Judah's birthday tomorrow. I'm in deep mourning. How can he be turning two? Wasn't I just in transition wondering if I was actually going to survive his birth? Thankfully, Judah promised me yesterday that he'd be my baby until he was one hundred years old. Daniel tried to tell me that Judah only agreed to that so he could escape my arms and my kisses. I completely deny that reality and choose to substitute my own.

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