A Love - Hate Relationship

It started out so good...

"Snow! Snow!"

Judah took about three minutes to actually touch the snow with his pudgy little fingers. He kept trying to touch the frozen flakes but he knew they would be cold. Finally he did and the tears flowed. My sweet boy hates to be cold.

"Do you want to go inside where it's warm?"

I asked him this question at least five times. Each time he said "Nooooo!" followed by more tears. He wanted to stay outside just as badly as he wanted to go inside. He was paralyzed in one spot; he didn't move the whole time. Finally, I picked him up. He buried his soft head into my shoulder and cried. He was so torn. And cold. But Mi-Mi placed his chilled hands under her arms and made everything better.

Mi-Mi's are good like that.
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