I am always taken aback, although by now I guess I shouldn't be, by the amount of misconceptions people have about Recruiters. Most ordinary people get their information from the news and rarely are Recruiters put in a good light. Some deserve the bad rap, but all do not. Why does a minority have to ruin it for the rest of us? The labels used to describe a Recruiter... commissions, quotas, lying - I find it distressing, really.

No to a commission on each recruit, yes to quotas.

And, of course, I know there are plenty of Recruiters who lie - heck, every person lies at some point. But Daniel does not lie to obtain recruits. Whether preforming his duties as a Recruiter or not, he follows a moral code.

My husband is not your normal, every day Recruiter.
I wish I could make people believe me when I talk to them about Daniel. He's refreshingly honest, moral, forthright in his dealings, and he creates the best experience possible for all involved. He's a professional. And I am so proud of him.

It's not been easy for him to do this job, because it's not an easy job to do. Whatsoever. But he has always done the very best he can for his country.

I am so ready to be out from under the label of "Recruiter". I am ready to just be ordinary again.... there much to be said for just being ordinary.
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