My Dream
**You guys thrill me - every one of you that commented made my day. Though I was feeling somewhat vulnerable with this post, seeing the unique passion you each have is inspiring. We all truly have incredible dreams!

We all have dreams, don't we? Mine is this - to attend culinary school. At times my dream feels buried in my heart, but sometimes it is at the forefront of my mind. At times this dream burns away inside of me and my mind whirls with how I could possibly turn it into a reality. But, I can't. It just isn't possible right now. My focus needs to be on my children and my husband. They take precedence over my dreams; and while I know that some people may think that mindset is ridiculous, I am peaceful and happy in this deliberately chosen way of life.

But, that decision doesn't take any of the fire from my heart.

The whirling started again from a simple contest announcement on our radio station's website. A drawing for a cooking lesson with one of the chefs at the New England Culinary Institute. Oh, how I wanted to enter - to win. I am so thirsty for knowledge.
But, I didn't enter. I just can't fit anything more in my life this month. And it hurts just a little bit. The chances of winning would've been slim, but the idea of entering, of pursuing my dream - even in this small way- would've been fulfilling.

I have searched for cooking classes or anything having to do with preparation of food - you would think with a major cooking school located close something would be available. Nope. Nothing is going on that I could get involved with. My hope is that wherever we move to next there will be opportunities for me to get involved in some sort of cooking classes.

I don't have huge aspirations, I don't desire to open a restaurant or a cafe. I simply, but deeply, desire the knowledge. I desire to know that I could do anything. To know in my heart - I could do great things.

If I could pinpoint a calling and use for the skills learned in culinary school, it would be to have younger women come into my kitchen primarily to teach them how to cook and how to bake. I would also like to give them the know-how when it comes to preparing menus and shopping lists. All set in the context of normal life. Nothing fancy or lofty; to just love on them and impart a skill. And that time will come, I know it will. Right now I am certain that I have my priorities straight and I am doing the most important job of my life.

As I work on settling the whirling down - having a new baby will certainly help - will you tell me what dreams you have? What makes a fire burn in your heart?
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