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We are "wavers". When any one leaves from a visit to our home, we wave. In the nice weather we'll stand out on the sidewalk and wave, but during the winter we wave from in front of our big bay window. Either way, we always wave. Each morning that the kids are awake when Daniel leaves for work, they climb up the piano bench and wave good-bye to Daddy. On the mornings they are still sleeping, I stand alone, a wife waving to her husband - each wave sending him wishes of a good day and lots of love. I enjoy this tradition, but it's funny how many people it takes by surprise. Surprise or not, I know it is appreciated.

This morning it took Daniel awhile to leave, since he had to clean the snow off his car, but the kids patiently waited to wave to him when he pulled away. Then it was back to smoothies!

A little later this morning was Eve's last swim lesson at the gym. She did so well; she's improving greatly each week, becoming less afraid and more adventurous. Last week she even went all the way under the water! There was no repeat of that this week as full immersion isn't really her idea of a good time. Her teacher was wonderful, making each lesson enjoyable and full of learning. It was such a good experience for Eve and we look forward to the next session.
I must say that I sincerely wish I could grow a third arm between now and then - all the showering, clothes changing, and trying to contain a two year old pool-side while being hugely pregnant is not easy.

Unfortunately Eve's teacher wasn't real happy with me today because I was five minutes late. I told you I wasn't going to be perfect, didn't I? Trying to get out of the house being t-minus three weeks, give or take a couple days, with small children in full winter gear is no small feat. I am forced to assume this woman doesn't have children, because if she did, I don't think she would have been so quick to express displeasure with my tardiness.
I do realize that I shouldn't have been late. It was poor planning on my part.

After swim lessons the kids asked to go see Frosty and the Christmas tree that is in front of Daniel's office. I wanted to see Daniel, because seeing him always makes me smile. So, we did both. First we visited the Christmas tree, where Judah was highly offended by a bit of snow falling off an ornament and onto his hand. Highly offended. Because it was cold! And you know how he hates to be cold.

After the tree episode we visited Daddy in his warm office, quickly collecting and giving hugs and kisses. Daniel's office is not, to put it mildly, child-proof, so though we can never stay long it is always fun to pop in and see the one we all love best.

Then off to home we went. Ha! I wish it was that easy still... In actuality we slopped across an extremely slushy parking lot, loaded two wet, very snowy squirmy kids plus a cumbersome pregnant body into a cold van, then drove slowly home on a slick, wintry road.... but regardless of all the trouble, it was fun just to be together singing Christmas carols - very loudly - the whole way back to our house.

At home I had a half a gallon of soured milk awaiting it's magical transformation into a delicious cookie. Lately we have had the worst time with milk souring quickly. Either it's already bad when I buy it or I haven't gotten around to using it quickly enough. Either way, I was sick of the milk being wasted, so today I made Sour Cream Chocolate Chip cookies. Even after making the cookies I still have about three cups of soured milk to use. I am planning on making a few loaves of this banana bread. These cookies sound pretty yummy, and I might possibly make this Spice cake.

But all that is for another day... I have Chicken Nuggets yet to make for dinner, plus dishes to wash, laundry to fold, floors to be vacuumed, along with children and a husband to care for.

Hope your Tuesday has been great!
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