A Stormy Monday Makes for Fun!
You wouldn't believe how quickly the bread I made on Thursday disappeared! Today I made more but also used half the dough to make Garlic Mushroom Cheese rolls. It is so easy to make these rolls when you already have the bread dough made. Judah stood in as my quality assurance since Daniel was at work. Somebody has to do the hard job of taste testing, you know.

It is really storming here, but even so, it is great weather to play in. So we bundled up to go outside... that only took a half of an hour. Uuggg. There was just one fit thrown... by the two year old, not me. Miraculously.

It's in the thirties today which is perfect playing in the snow weather. We had so much fun! There was an imaginary chocolate raspberry cake made, which made me happy. And my children ingested tons of snow, which made them very happy. It was a total win-win. I just wish that we could've stayed out for the entire afternoon but naptime called. Funny how I was the only one yawning.

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