My Day So Far
Nuzzled awake by a still sleepy baby girl

Bask in the glow of Eliza's smile

Crawl out of bed and immediately look for breakfast

Nurse Eliza while eating homemade bread with peanut butter

Swallow ten pills in one big gulp

Laugh at silly pictures from high school that a friend put up on Facebook

Wake up a happy four year old

Unwrap two "presents" given by Eve to me

Wake up a happy two year old boy

Throw open curtains - enjoy sun in my face

Lay the two children in diapers side by side, give them clean bums and clean clothes

Make waffles... realize that Wow! Everyone is excited for waffles!

Smoothie time

Look at clock, calculate how much time I have to get everyone out the door in time for preschool


Shift into high gear

Make a special snack for Eve to take to preschool

Lay baby down to sleep

Realize that I have one of "those" babies. The kind that only cries when she's hungry or tired. Finally..... it's my turn to have one.

Change my outfit three times. Give up

Nurse baby

Herd everyone to the van

Growl when I realize my cell phone is dead... way dead

Catch only one red light on the way to pre-school

Wave good-bye to an ecstatic girl who adores school

Walk down the aisles of the health food store smiling into familiar friendly faces

Stand in front of the rows of vegetables in the freezer section of the store, rack my brain to remember the ingredients in Brittany's recipe

Veto going to the Salvation Army... just too tired

Smile into my husband's face when we stop for an quick visit

Weigh myself and discover I've lost three pounds

Laugh at the "Rent a husband" truck I drive behind on the way home

Find happiness from a real letter in my mailbox

Lay children side by side again for a changing. Wish I was momentarily deaf as I listen to them cry in unison.

Tuck a very sleepy boy into bed for rest time

Kiss the soft head of Eliza as she sleeps in my arms

Eat lunch at three o'clock and realize why I'm ravenous

Sit and listen to sweet silence
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