My Poor Baby

Who knew a three week old could get a cold. They can and Eliza did. Poor baby is feeling so out of it. All day she had watery eyes, a stuffy little nose, and she sneezed nearly a thousand times. She didn't want to leave our arms. She needed to be held all day long. There could be worse things, right!

Eve and Judah have valiantly been fighting off a cold - and doing quite well, actually. Judah had one day of a slightly runny nose, Eve has had nothing but a couple of sneezes. But a couple of days ago Judah, in all of his sweetness, gave Eliza a kiss square on the mouth. Now, she has the cold. I've been pumping Eve and Judah with zinc religiously, so they are fine, but Daniel has it. Sharing is caring....

I informed Daniel today that I can not get sick. Period.

He said:

"Well, if you get sick then you get sick!"

But I said again:

"No, I can not get sick! I can't take care of everybody and be sick as well. "

He thought about that for a moment and then responded:

"You do realize that means you can never get sick because you're the mom!"

Exactly! Moms aren't allowed to get sick. End of discussion. No, the world won't stop spinning if the mom gets sick, it just turns into that crazy wobbly spin like that of a top towards the end of it's magnificent twirling on your floor.

Basically, things get ugly.

So, to help prevent that ugliness I ate raw, chopped up garlic twice today because my mom said it would help keep me well. And I trust the woman - she raised us and rarely got sick. But, let me tell you... Eeeeewww! It had better be worth it!
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