Three Weeks Old
Eliza is such a ray of sunshine

A sleepy ray of sunshine

Our beautiful ray of sleeping sunshine

I'm contemplating having Daniel bring Eliza's crib upstairs so he can set it up in our room. But, I am waffling. I love sleeping with her curled up next to me, her little body so secure next to mine. Nursing is a breeze as I can get her all into position and then fall back to sleep. I love seeing her face first thing in the morning, feeling her soft breath on my face, and hearing her sweet sleepy baby sounds. The only thing that makes me want to put her to sleep in her crib is knowing she will sleep better without the jostling of two other adult bodies in bed with her.

Oh.... there will be plenty of time for her to sleep in her beautiful (and free - a hilarious story for another day) crib. I think I will keep her right next to me awhile longer.
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