Our Base List
Today was the day we had to have our list of the five bases we were given a choice of, in order of our preference. Daniel and I hashed and re-hashed this subject.... Did it really matter what order they were in, because honestly they are going to send us where they want to send us? How much effort should we put into investigating each place because four of the bases we won't actually be going to? Hot vs. cold? What was more important - housing or location? On and on it went.

Yesterday late afternoon we sent in the final draft. It's out of our hands now. Daniel thinks we are on the bottom of the pack for preferences since overseas returnee's get first pick, then someone else (can't remember who right now) and then us. We are both pretty terrified that the Air Force is going to send us to Minot. We drove through Minot on our way from Alaska to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Uggg. We've done the North Dakota thing. We went into Recruiting to get out of North Dakota! Daniel is pretty stressed out over the possibility of being sent back there. We really just want to go somewhere we've never been before. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

Here is our list in order of preference:

Mountain Home AFB, Idaho

Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

McGuire AFB, New Jersey

Minot should be here, in last place, but Daniel wouldn't even put it on our list. I support that decision wholeheartedly. Not that it's non-existence in our list actually makes it non-existent in the computer they use. Shucks, huh.

So, there was a lot of thought put into this list. Lots of give and take. It's amazing how you can test the maturity of a marriage by having to make a list like this. Our results would be stellar - there was only one teary conversation (by me, of course) but that was only because I was overwhelmed by all of life, and talking about North Dakota was just too much at that point. I got over it quick.

The Air Force will let us know on the 15th of February where they have decided to send us.

I hate the waiting game. It pretty much rots.
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