You move me....

I really love music, all kinds of music. I identify with it, it moves me, and often speaks right to my heart. Sometimes music gives me the words I don't have. Bereft of music, well, I'd be lost.

One of my favorite genres is jazz. I know, you're rolling your eyes, but I love it. I really do. It's fun for me to listen to jazz, and it makes me happy. I enjoy all kinds of jazz - old, new, strict, loose. I like it all. Well, not "elevator" jazz. Yuck.

Right now I have in heavy rotation Michael Buble. I'm totally diggin' his voice, his music. I like how he covered some old, familiar songs. I love how much personality he brings to each song. And he has a new CD out! But, sadly, I don't have it. Yet.

I'd like to start listening to more Latin music. I have one Latin-ish cd, and it's okay. Not great; perhaps a little safe, and somewhat boring. If you have any great Latin music suggestions I would love to hear them.

Actually, as long as we are talking about suggestions, I'd love to know - what do you have in heavy rotation right now. I am really curious about the music other people like, love, and listen to.

So tell me... what's working for you right now?

P.S. think I used the word "love" enough?

P.P.S. brownie points for the one who can tell me what song my post title is taken from.
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