It's been seven years.... and there's no itch.

Dear Daniel ~

I love you. With my whole life, I love you.

Do you want to know what I love best about you?

I just know you're waiting with bated breath....

I love best that you love me, best.

No matter what, you love me. What more could I ask for? There's nothing. You are all I want.

I am so thankful for our life together. It's more of a life than I could have ever imagined for myself.

For these past seven years we've walked together holding hands.

We held hands while our life together was still new and waiting to be discovered. We held hands while I gave birth to our first child. We held hands while we ran into the house to escape mosquitoes, and raindrops, and snowstorms. We held hands moving across the country to the land of green mountains. We held hands while crying in anguish over time lost forever to recruiting. We held hands while I gave you a son. We held hands during many, many trips back home to visit family, during walks amidst our old stomping grounds. We held hands while I labored to bring our sweet third child into this world- how holding your hand felt like my lifeline! We've held hands laying in bed, when there was the need to just be connected. We held hands as we ran through the sprinklers, and oh, how we laughed! We held hands as we found our way to this land of beautiful sunsets.

For seven years we've held hands during the big moments, the moments so small you'd think we would never remember - but we do, and all those times in between.

We've held hands laughing, crying, smiling, angry, and calm. It's always been our thing.

Daniel, do you remember when we were first married and we talked about how we wanted our marriage to be? How we equated ourselves to two separate trees growing next to each other. How over time our roots would grow together, and in the years to come you'd not be able to separate one tree from the other?

I remember, and I believe we're getting there, my love.

The growing together thing takes time. And I am willing to give the melding of our lives all the time it needs. Because, to me, there is nothing more important. Nothing greater than our marriage, our love for each other.

Daniel, you are the light of my life - my joy. You're the one who knows every little thing about me, and amazingly enough, you still love me. And not just enough to get by. You love me from way down deep in your heart.

Happy is this day that we celebrate our love! My heart feels light with the joy of it. This year we have three little ones playing at our feet - the manifestation of our love. Can you believe it?! Three little lives!

Could there be anything sweeter? If there is, I don't want to know because this is heaven to me.

To be married to you.

I love you.

~ A (your Schatzi)

P.S. There's no itch, Baby.
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