"An Accident"
**Thank you so much for really causing me think today. I appreciated that everyone voiced their own opinion, and in turn made me realize that I can't always take what people say at face value. And can we just say - GRACE!!! Have some grace. And like some of you said, but I think Mrs. Staff Sergeant said it best - I often say some unbelievably stupid stuff when I am nervous also. I am positive it was simply a bad choice of words, because she really seemed like a genuinely sweet woman who loves her children. Thanks for your thought provoking feedback!

We were chatting outside the mother and baby room during the church service. Talking babies, spacing, about the over-achieving air conditioner in the room. And then she said something that appalled me.

And perhaps I overreacted. I know you all will let me know if I did, you're good like that.

I asked her what number baby she was holding, I could tell it wasn't her first. First time mothers are easy to spot, if you ask me. And I know this because I remember myself at that point of life.

She answered me saying that the baby she was holding was her fourth. I exclaimed congratulations, and how great that was! How I love being around moms of more than three because I can glean wisdom AKA how do I survive?!

Then she said "Well, she was an accident."

My heart dropped. It was like she caused me physical pain by saying that.

She went on to say, in a back-peddling sort of way, that although she was an accident and unplanned, she was very much wanted.

I heard those words but my heart was still stuck on the accident part.

All three of Daniel and my children were "planned" so I have never been in her shoes, but God help me if I should ever call a future child of ours an accident.

Can you imagine the mark that will leave on that sweet little girl, to walk around her whole life hearing the words " she was an accident."

We continued chatting and acquainting ourselves with each other, and I found that I like her. She's really, really nice. But even still today, I'm having trouble with the accident part of our conversation.

Ring in - what would you have done in my situation. I'm all ears....

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