* The bed linens are from Target... We can all gush now about how much we love Target, because you know it's true. I, for one, am a Targetaholic.

Did I hear someone say I am five months old now? Boy, time sure does fly when you're having fun! And I am. I can roll from my belly to my back - I am seriously proud of that.
I can say: "Dadadadadada" which Daddy thinks is me saying his name.

We'll just keep it between you and me that I am saying no such thing.... K? My first word will, of course, be "Mama." After all, she did push for nearly two and a half hours to bring me into this world.

I love to eat, ride in the Macpac, pull hair, and suck my thumb. I love my brother and sister, hearing my own voice, wind blowing in my face, and standing up ( With assistance. I know I am amazing and all, but seriously, I'm not quite that amazing. Yet.).

My favorite toy to chew on is Mama's measuring spoons, but my yellow lion from Aunt Tarrah and Uncle Sam is a close second. My toes are quickly becoming a favorite too. It's so cool how they just kind of appeared one day!

I am starting to break out the giggles. I have to be careful though, because once I really start, Mama will make me giggle all the time. And that's exhausting, people. Besides, I have my figure to look after; if I start laughing too much I might develop some stomach muscles. And then I wouldn't have my big tummy that Mama loves so much.
By the way, would someone please tell her to stop playing with my rolls. It tickles! And since we are on the topic of rolls... Mama is obsessed with mine. I know I have a lot, and they are cute and all, but seriously! She won't stop kissing them!

Before I go, can we all just give a little "Whoo-hoo!" for my hair starting to finally grow in?! I can wear bows now!
It was getting pretty old to be called a boy everywhere Mama took me. My name is Eliza, not Elisha. Mama thought dressing me pink and purple might give people a clue, but apparently not. She gets a little bent out of shape over it all, but I try to be a good example and just smile.

There is a lot more wonderful stuff about me, I know this because Mama whispers it all in my ear, but I wouldn't want to bore you. I'll just wrap this up by saying:
Happy five months to me!!

(this is the part where you tell me how cute I am!)

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