Winter... kind of.
While I was on my non-volunteer blogging hiatus we had a little bit of winter. For like six hours. It was cold, there were flurries, and it was generally gross out.

Winter Wannabe

But after the weather was done having it's tantrum we were left with beautiful, snow crusted everything. Absolute gorgeousness. I certainly didn't feel like I was in Vermont but it was rather refreshing to see white instead of brown, brown, brown.

Speckled Swing

Quite a change from the past twenty-seven years of my life; I have never experienced a winter that was any less than six months of cold, and snow, and white everywhere. When Daniel and I were newlyweds living in Anchorage Alaska, it snowed - like a couple feet of snow - the first week of October. When we left Alaska for North Dakota in May... there was still snow everywhere.

Oh, that was torture.

Frosted Ceder

To be here, in New Mexico during the winter, has been a great change. And relief even among the brown! Today was 70 degrees; it was windy as all get out but still, how can I not be thankful for a beautiful warm day? And the amount of sunshine, all winter long, has been overwhelming.

As of today my beloved rose bushes have beautiful newborn leaves and many of the trees have buds... spring is well on it's way!

But, I find that I have a strong affection for that small day of winter. It reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for.
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