5 Months
We have 5 months left here. It feels so short to me. Not so for Daniel. He says he can't see even past this week. Oh but I can. It makes me feel almost giddy. We often play a game called "When we leave here". When we leave here everything will be perfect! Ha! I am not so foolish to think that but... it might feel like it for a few days at least. We have had fun here- good good friends, a cute house that the government so lovingly pays for, lots of great trips to Boston, had a son that we are crazy about, the list goes on. But we are so ready to be on our way.

Waiting is the name of the game now. We are waiting to find out which base we will be sent to. This part is hard for me. Doesn't the government know I am a planner? I am the first born child, type A, don't even think about taking my lists away from me kind of girl. I need time to research and investigate this new place. And time is ticking away. We just want to know. Even if it's not a place we had hoped for, we really just want to know. All I ask is - Please, don't send us back to North Dakota.

Good thing I am not superstitious. But I bet I just made some of you who are shiver!...Andrea
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