Just 5 hours?
I once heard it said that the difference between America and Europe is that Americans think 200 years is a long time, while Europeans think 200 miles is a long way. I talk to people (mostly applicants) all the time who can't imagine driving for more than an hour or two. As a recruiter I get a lot of "windshield time". Driving applicants to MEPS (Click here if you don't know, thanks to Station Commando for the link), Driving to headquarters (since we recruiters are all stationed hours away from any kind of base, unit, civilization. . . ) Driving to a local base (if your unit headquarters isn't established on a base itself). All in all, we do a lot of driving. My farthest high school that I have to visit is an hour and a half away. I cover a third of the state I recruit in. We drive a lot. So I think of that quote at the top a lot. And this weekend I had to make a trip (for work) that was 5 hours each way. In one day. And you know what, it didn't phase me. It was like "Oh, 5 hours, sure, whatever. At least I'll still have Sunday"
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