Newest Groupie
You know, I shouldn't have to be in this position. Not only am I about to tell you about our recruiting office's newest groupie, but that fact that I am saying "newest" means that there is at least one other prior to him. Recruiters should not have groupies. But ask any recruiter and they will tell you about some weird guy that just won't go away. This is somebody who has figured out that we work there and we're trained to listen to people tell us their stories. Which is why they love a new face. It's great fun watching a new recruiter deal with a groupie for the first time.
So anyway, this newest groupie has been coming in and his current effort is to get the Army to change their star to his newer, better design. He gets on tangents and starts talking about the war, and how God is still blessing the military but isn't happy with us for not enlisting this yahoo. I came back the other day from being out and saw him in the Navy office talking with, yep, a new recruiter. And as much as I wanted to step in and bail him out, these groupies just get more encouraged the more anyone talks to them, so I ducked into my office and locked the door. Maybe someday I'll tell you about the first (and now that he's back, current) groupie, "General George". **hint-he's been arrested twice already for impersonating an officer.
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