V vs. V
Goodbye Verizon, Hello Vonage

Hmmm, $75 a month or $25 a month? It's soon to be official. We switched today. Just waiting on the equipment and new phone number.

What I think is going to be interesting is how this is all going to play out over the next several years, and I don't mean for me, but nationally.

One of the things you can do is buy a WiFi phone from Vonage and use it anywhere that you can pick up WiFi. Of course right now that means that you are probably carrying two phones around 'cause the WiFi phone isn't going to get enough service to replace your cell phone. Unless you live in a city covered by WiFi clear to the city limits. But as WiFi gets more and more widespread and available, I expect there's going to be a distinct shift in the market as cell users become WiFi users. Somehow the major players in the cell phone industry are going to have to keep up. Like I said, should be interesting. At least for now, we're saving $50 dollars.
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