The camera dilemma
We are in the market to replace our digital camera, we need a new one bad. We feel very frustrated with the Canon Powershot that we have; missing shots of the kids due to sluggish processing time, the omission of quality in the pictures we have taken, and the absence of options! It has been enough to drive us crazy!

For months I have been fastidiously saving any extra money to go towards a new camera; which one, though, has been the question. I emailed these amazing artist's, they are people we know from our church back home and they know their stuff. They offered their help, but we'd also like to know from you all; what do you like in your cameras, what do you hate, what are your suggestions? We know you have cameras so help us out! We have been seriously considering one of these:

Nikon's D40 and D50; although Costco has the D80 with a lens for a great price.

We are willing to spend a bunch of money if it's going to blow us away. So, inform us, give us your opinion. We are about ready to throw our camera out the window- if it wasn't so dang cold!
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