Our Holding Pattern
If you've been keeping up with this blog, then you know we are waiting on an assignment. I'm coming up to the end of my recruiting tour (due to be done in May) and then the Air Force will be moving us. . . we think. Problem is, that we don't know for sure, if, or where. The "if" is because the Air Force recently said they would like to save money by extending 3 year tours to 4 years. The logic is that if the Air Force spends money on moving costs less often, they will save money. So here I am nearing the end of a 3 (and now potentially 4) year tour. Normally, at this point, my assignment choices would have been released, and I would be updating my "dreamsheet" to reflect where I would most like to go. That list isn't out though, 'cause they aren't sure whether or not the people who would be looking at it (insert me) are going to be extended. Now, I doubt that I will get extended because I'm pretty close to getting an assignment, and there are a few other factors that lead me to believe we will be leaving in May (not going to discuss those in public though). We'll probably be going somewhere in the states, and hopefully we'll get an answer soon. Or at least the list of available openings. The plan is that once I get done with this tour, I'll go back to being an electrician at a regular base. *electrician on houses and power lines, not planes. I'd like to do that for a couple of years, to get some more supervisory experience and then find an Air Force school to teach at somewhere. That's what I would really like to do, teach. Of course, we'll let you know as soon as we are released from our holding pattern.
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