Global insanity
I had to visit a school today that smelled like poop. It was an hour and a half drive to get there, this place was "out there", like, that's where places that are in the sticks import their sticks from. BTW, it smelled like poop 'cause half the kids still had poop on their boots from the morning farm chores. If you grew up on a farm, no offense, just change your boots before you go to school.

Anyway, there's pretty much only AM coverage on the radio so I was listening to talk radio when I heard that an Inconvenient Truth -documentary by the inventor of the internet Al "Global Warming" Gore- was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

If Al Gore gets an Academy Award, then I would say you know what has just frozen over, except for the inconvenient fact that it's probably starting to warm up even more down there what with all the freon in the air. Regardless, it pretty much means that the world has flipped upside down.

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