Process-note to self
It's all a process. Okay, not everything but most things are. That's what I love about working out (and hate too). It's slow, but just fast enough to see a change, a slow change granted, but, a change. And it reminds me of the rest of my life and opens my eyes to needing to be patient. In todays' society, everything is set to be instant. And it is easy to read a book, think you can apply the principles and instantly be a new person. Or start a new diet and think you can instantly shed (or gain) pounds. Change involves process, and that means time, and that demands patience. It also demands that you contribute to the process every day. Or at least pretty regularly. Working out almost everyday, applying principals of good character everyday, improving everyday. Only so much can be accomplished in a day, but accomplishing a little every day adds up. -Hub
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