Our little "Cindy-Lou-Who"
Before Christmas I bought "The Grinch" to watch as a family. We snuggled up on our bed with Eve and a big bowl of popcorn to have "special Momma and Daddy time". Truthfully, I didn't think that Eve really even liked the movie. She seemed pretty disinterested in the whole affair. The popcorn was what her attention was most fixated on. I was surprised when she asked to watch it again and again. We obliged when it was appropriate and eventually the desire for it wore off.
What was left though is a change in name. No longer do we have an "Eve" living in our house, we have a "Cindy-Lou-Who".

At first it was funny because she would correct us whenever we would use her name.

"Actually, I am Cindy-Lou-Who" she would say.


"I'm not Eve I am Cindy-Lou-Who!".

We knew it was serious when the cashier at our local Hannaford's asked Eve what her name was and she introduced herself as "Cindy-Lou-Who". Needless to say the cashier was confused.

We have had so much fun humoring her; the delight that flashes across her face when she realizes you remembered without a reminder is priceless.

The inner workings of the three-year old mind are unfathomable.
I love to watch her. Though I can't always see the reason behind some of the things she says and does, she is absolutely captivating.

She is most gracious in all her dealings, raining down "Oooh Kankyou's!" whenever you tell her you love her.

Her manners are nearly impeccable. Like a little southern belle.

There are a multitude of "No, kankyou's" and "I'd rather not." "Excuse me's " and "Yes, Please!"

She is prolific with her compliments, "Great job!" and "I am so proud of you" is heard multiple times throughout the day.

"Momma, you are the prettiest girl ever!" and Daddy is regularly told that he is the "most handsome boy".

" Momma, I love all your shirts" was whispered to me last night, while a still soft baby-ish hand stroked my arm.

At nearly every turn she calls Judah "Stud".

"Eh, eh, eh! Be careful Stud, you almost smooshed me!" was overheard yesterday.

I reflect on her and smile. She most often seems to me not like a three year old but a 26 year old. Yet, she is kind to everyone regardless of their appearance, she doesn't see color, and she loves with abandon. At times her innocence takes my breathe away.

Now, if only this 26 year old could be more like her. -Andrea

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