My Anti-Stomach Virus Smoothie
This is a delicious way to help ward off the stomach bug that is so prevalent this time of year.

Here is the recipe:

3/4 cup non-fat Kefir

2-3 cups milk

1/4 cup honey

2 Tablespoons flax oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

Throw some frozen fruit in there (a cup or so)

Put your kefir, milk, honey and vanilla in your blender first. Add your frozen fruit last. Blend away!

(My kids LOVE it when I add a banana and some cocoa to the mix!!)

Some of you may wonder what kefir is. I know I did. With my research I discovered great health benefits and because we all love smoothies it is so easy to incorporate into our diet. I found the above brand at our local grocery store. It was in the dairy section of the natural foods. It is worth noting that it did take me a couple of smoothies to get use to the "tangy" taste of the kefir.

One of the benefits of kefir is it contains additional, better bacteria than yogurt that go deep in your intestines. ( I still eat yogurt - of course) In doing so it helps to wards off the dreaded stomach virus. Pretty much that is what sold me on it. Drink to your health!


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