A good-ish Sale but really good friends
We have stores here called Plato's closet and Once upon a Child; they are franchised, we had one in Fargo, North Dakota so the chances are pretty good you have one too. We totally love these stores! They carry previously owned clothing, toys, books etc. I often find myself browsing at one or both on Sunday afternoons while Daniel watches the kids for a few hours. I can shop and come away with a lot or sometimes just a little but with never spending much money at all. I am nothing if not thrifty and I find it very therapeutic, I am quite sure a lot of you can understand that feeling.

Today they were having a bag sale with the rest of the store(s) being 15% off. Our friend Tarrah came down and we switched watching kids. She watched my kids while Daniel and I shopped, then we came back and watched her kids while she shopped. It worked great! Daniel and I had fun- he totally scored (clothing-wise people!) while I got a couple things for summer. We found some cute summer stuff for the kids too. Way too many women in way too small a space though.

When it was our turn to be home with the kids I had a golden opportunity to take a tremendous amount of pictures. All three were totally distracted by watching Horton Hears a Who so I was able to get mostly non-action shots, if you know what I mean (all you parents totally get that!). Eve and Abriella are such cute best friends, very loving towards each other. I was able to capture that and it was thrilling.

Tarrah and Abe hung out with us for awhile this afternoon after shopping and we had a blast making Abe smile. We took some amazing pictures of him, he's incredibly cute so it wasn't hard at all. We had a lot of fun and are very thankful for such good friends to hang out with on a cold Saturday afternoon.

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