But Possums are so ugly
Seriously people, who spends $200 on a child carrier aka a backpack?

Apparently, I do.

The final straw came while shopping on Tuesday. I was holding Judah, trying to contain his enthusiasm to get down and terrorize the entire store, and ended up with a pulled muscle in my back. We have a sling that we use a lot but, he is getting big and I am restricted in the activities I can perform. It's unfortunate because he is so content in the sling, always has been, and I love being able to kiss his soft head whenever I want to.

But the pain! Pain talks, it makes you spend ridiculous amounts of money where you never would have normally. I have been scouting the second hand store since this past summer, there has been nothing, as in zero backpacks. So, my options were: go with a cheap carrier that would mostly likely hurt my back even more, and would be just plain crappy; a moderately priced one that has some features that I hate and would make me less likely to actually use it i.e. metal kickstand thing on the bottom and back, thereby removing the point of the whole thing; or spend $200 on a carrier I am going to love (fingers totally crossed!).

I love this one because it is urban, it has no long metal legs to make it cumbersome, and it isn't reflective, made for hiking, or screaming for attention with it's poke your eyes out bright colors. I could tell you how I really feel if you'd like.
So, I spent the $200; it re-enforces the policy we hold of buying quality so that we spend less money in the long run. Hopefully I will be able to add this carrier to the 'wise buys' list.
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