Leaving on a jet plane
I'm going home for a few days- Daniel graciously said he'd watch the kids for me so I could get away. I am excited but mostly I already feel a little lonely. No little snuggly warm bodies to take care of, and while Daniel and I can talk on the phone it's not the same as face to face. I really need this though.

I'll be sitting in a chair at the salon I worked for, prior to marrying Daniel, bright and early Monday morning to get my hair cut and colored. I use to look like this and I miss it.

I miss being and looking vibrant; I am feeling too "mommy-ish" and I want to feel more funky and like " me." I don't exactly know what the end result will be but I am excited! Besides doing that, I think I am just going to chill. I know I will be feeling weird not having anyone to take care of, but I am going to block that and just relax.

So, if you think of it, send some nice thoughts Daniel's way. He's going to need them.


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