Raggedy Andie
Daniel asked me tonight, while on the phone, if I had people staring at me again. I thought about it for a moment and then replied "Yeah, I guess they are starting up again." It isn't everyday that you see someone with long "raggedy-ann" colored hair. I get lots of compliments with the addition of many curious stares. I have hesitated at times, these last couple of days, when I look in the mirror wondering... am I too old for this? But, this color is me. It's a way to let my personality show. People can look all they want, and they will. I am okay with that - I am only going to go around once, I don't want to have any regrets, and I want to always have been me. And to have had fun! How could hair this bright and bold not be fun? At the completion of the color process in the salon on Monday, my friends all remarked how good it was to have the Andie back that they know and love.
So, "World"... I'm baaaack!
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