The influence of a Father
It's been 3 days since I have been back home and I have noticed something interesting. I have noticed a marked difference in the relationship between Daniel and Eve. It seems to be a much closer bond than when I left. Eve is more calm and secure; she is more loving towards Daniel, with a higher level of respect; she's quicker to obey, and all around happier. Daniel seems to be more willing to play her silly games and oblige her, within the realm of her imagination.

I was gone for 6 days and in that time they played a lot, did a few special activities, almost finished reading Charlotte's Web; basically just hung out together. It wasn't anything extreme, or a concentrated effort to better their (already great) relationship but the simple factors of time and devoted attention returned amazing results. It goes to show just how heavy an influence a Daddy is. I have seen a lot of research out there relating to the father/ daughter relationship as well as tons of books. It is quite interesting and most is helpful; but what I see at home is the most interesting to me. I see a very involved Daddy who is growing himself, in great ways, and our children are so happy.

What an amazing gift Eve is receiving; a Daddy who gives her the healthy, loving, and growing relationship that she'll require in helping to complete her as a woman someday.

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