Hamburger Helper
Tonight (pause for effect) I made the best four hamburgers I've ever made. . . ever. I'll put it this way, these hamburgers could change the world. Personally, I think if the right world leaders all came together for a dinner of my hamburgers, well, two words, world peace. So how you ask?

-combine in a bowl-
2 lbs. of hamburger (roughly)
generous sprinkling of onion powder
generous sprinkling of garlic powder
enough salt
some pepper
splash of soy sauce (if you don't have a low sodium soy sauce then skip the salt)
. . . the magic ingredient (drum roll please) two eggs

now throw your hands in there and start mixing

separate into 4 equal . . . chunks

Okay, I don't want to lose you here, this is important, form the chunks into patties. But be sure to press in the sides of the patties, they should not be jagged, but pressed and smooth all the way around.

Cook them.

Cook however you want, the important things are the eggs and pressing the sides of the patties in. These two vital steps will ensure that your hamburgers will be so juicy that you can cook them all the way through (medium) and still watch them shake like a water-bed when you bounce them onto your bread/roll/bun.

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