What is it about Costco? This question has been rolling around in my head the last couple of days. I know, real deep stuff people.

I love going to Costco, and that is the feeling I get from everyone else in the store when I am there. Is it the free food? It's definitely not the aesthetically pleasing environment. Is it the prices? The selection? The wide open store, the extra large aisles? The fact that you have to have a membership to darken the doorway? The added convenience that you can have your photos developed, while you shop, for mere pennies? The delicious smelling hot food you can buy and then sit, eat, and people watch? Or, that you can return any item without a receipt and they take it back no questions asked.

I just can't put my finger on the bottom line reason. And how do they get us to come and shop so often? Not only for groceries but sometimes just for fun? Isn't it suppose to be a store to shop at where you "stock" up so you don't have to come back so often? And why do we have so much fun when we are there? Even the employees seem to be having a great time. They laugh and joke around with each other while getting you checked out in record time. Is it because they make fairly good money that even includes benefits - practically unheard of for a checker in a grocery store!

So many questions, so few answers. All I know is that thinking about living without a Costco nearly puts me in a panic. It is so very possible - obviously, since nearly the entire world somehow survives just fine sans Costco. I am really thankful that I don't have to tread those unchartered waters just yet.
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