We do our best to promote creativity and imagination within our kids; it is fun and challenging to think of interesting ways to do this.The best ideas I have come up with so far are to play classical music a lot, and just let them be kids!

I had been worried about Eve, it seemed to me that her imagination was taking a long time to develop. Daniel laughed at me a few months ago when I expressed that worry to him saying, "Andrea, we have sharks swimming on our living room floor. I think she's ok." I laughed and started watching her closer and saw that indeed, she has a vivid imagination. Today was a funny example of it. This is Eve using my egg slicer as her guitar. Any one have any fun ideas to promote creativity in kids?

We had a great time making cookies as well; I love listening to all the chatter when we work together. Plenty of fun was had, plus, some really yummy cookies to eat.
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