Hearts are breaking
We don't live on or near a base so I have very few military wives as friends right now, but I regularly read Spousebuzz, which is a great source of community for military spouses. They are hopping mad over there right now! And they have every right to be. Devastating news delivered by a leaker. It's just not right.

My heart hurts so much for all the spouses, children, and soldiers. 15 months away from your family is way. too. long. I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of anger, disappointment, sadness, and a million other emotions that they are experiencing.

I dare not say much on this subject for fear of being lambasted for my non-experiential view. Daniel has been deployed, but not for 12 months with an extension.

We do know of one Army wife in my extended circle of friends whose husband is deployed right now, and you can bet I will be inquiring on how we can support her even more.

And for all you out there, regardless of your political views, help these families! Don't pity them, gather around them. Go out on a limb, ignore the brave fronts they put up and just help. Mow lawns, unload groceries, offer to watch children, buy passes for a local museum and drop them off, rake leaves, hire a house cleaner- one time- just to give that woman a break, purchase a gift card for dinner at a restaurant, wash their vehicle.
Ask and then listen. There may be a light bulb that needs to be changed, or a car making a funny noise, a simple around the house fix that can feel overwhelming to the person who is alone, and trying desperately to keep it all together. Their sacrifice is great. Let your actions show your thankfulness.

Andi from Spousebuzz made a very wise statement in comments the other day: "the leaker had better hope Secretary Gates finds him before an Army wife does..."

God help him if his name ever gets out.
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