Things that make you go hmmm
So I'm making cold calls tonight to see if any seniors from Vermont's illustrious school systems are interested and smart enough to join the Air Force. I have to share one phone call with you because it left me in awe and bewilderment.

(ringing phone. . .)
Child- (answers phone) "Good evening, ----- residence, may I help you?
Me- "Yes, is ----- there?" (asking for child's older sister)
Child- (still extremely polite) "I'm sorry she's not available at the moment, would you like to speak with my mother?
Me- "That would be fine, thank you"
(Child turns the phone away but leaves it uncovered) and. . . screams "MOM, PICK UP THE PHONE"

Me- stunned

How does a young person like this sound like a professional receptionist when speaking with a perfect stranger, and then (almost angrily) yell at the woman that brought them into the world and is in every way that child's authoritative charge?

I didn't have an answer. I see a lot of brats that act like that, but never brats that behave first. Had it been one or the other; I wouldn't have even remembered it, but the combination leaves me very confused.
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