We attended our local town's Easter egg hunt this morning. It was fun but SO cold! Eve is absolutely petrified of the Easter bunny (and all creatures that don costumes, wear face paint, or in any way alter their appearance) she cried and hid her face in Daniel's shoulder. She has acted in this manner for a long time now. Is this a normal behavior? Much discussion ensues after she experiences a situation like this- she is still talking about the clown we saw on Halloween night. Sigh.

My main beef with the Easter egg hunt was that it was no hunt at all! They just dumped a whole lot of eggs in a circle, blew the whistle, kids stampeded, and in 90 seconds it was all over. Where did the hunt go?

Daniel and I were able to spend some time this afternoon alone with Judah while Eve slept. It was really nice to be able to just hang out with our little stud.

He's so sweet and funny when he's not screaming his head off. Apparently he has a new passion- drawing. He spent a half an hour with this pencil and old phone bill. In a couple months I am sure our "wall of art" will be brimming with Judah's creations, right along side of Eve's.

While it was very chilly out this afternoon, it was absolutely gorgeous.We started out on a walk, but ended up hanging out at our good friend's house up the street while the kids played.

We tried to finish our walk after a while but we were absolutely frozen! We headed home and I made breakfast for dinner. Pretty much one of my favorite meals to make. Saturdays like this one are so good. Why can't every day be Saturday?

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