I love mornings
My favorite part of the day is morning with the kids. I love how excited they are to see me when I come to get them out of their beds. Mornings are a happy time at our house.

Eve woke up before Judah so she was able to color in peace while she waited for her pre-breakfast, breakfast to be ready. She was really concentrating on her art this morning. She takes it all pretty seriously. She leans towards abstract art - or maybe it's just that she is 3.

Eve is really in to having her strawberries and lemon yogurt each morning. I can understand, it is awesome to have fresh strawberries again. She is looking forward to all the berry picking we will be doing this year, so am I. It makes summer fun and always yummy!

This is the face I was presented with when I walked into get Judah from his crib. He is so goofy, but is there any better way to be greeted by your baby? (He slept 'til 9:30 Gasp!)

There is nothing Judah likes to do more than to find his "Ce-Ce" in the morning. This morning he was particularly eager to find her and I barely got in a kiss before he squirmed out of my arms.

The kitchen table still had the chairs in the upright position (he's a climber- they are always on their sides for safety reasons) so Judah was able to wish 'George' the betta a "Good Morning!". He was beyond thrilled- Judah, not George. George is actually kind of quiet. Must be a defense mechanism.

Next to finding Ce-Ce in the morning, the only thing that could make Judah happier is being able to immediately sit down and dig into his breakfast- no waiting involved. This was one of those mornings. Happy little people at our house! Makes for a pretty happy Momma too.

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