Yesterday evening we took the kids to the playground for the first time this spring. It was a blast! Watching how they have both grown and developed from last year, how much more they can do this year - it was really interesting! We have decided (okay, I informed Daniel) that this year we are buying a playground type thing for our backyard, and that along with the little pool which we've had every year should make for a pretty fun summer.

I am really looking forward to the warm weather and being able to spend our free time outside playing.Vermont has a wealth of adventures to fill up the months. I am going to get a membership for Shelburne Farms, as that is one of our favorite places to go in the Spring and Summer. It is an amazing place; beautiful, fun, and inexpensive.

We also have new water shoes for playing in the "river" which we weren't able to visit last summer because of Daniel's deployment.

My mom and Eve playing in the river

My brother Sam jumping into the waterfalls at the river (about 40 feet)

So, even though we weren't expecting to be here this summer, after 3 years we know all the great places to go. There are a lot of them here in Vermont! I am certain we will make all kinds of wonderful memories to take with us where ever the Air Force sends us next, and they all started last night with our playground adventure.
We'd love to know where some of your favorite places to visit during the summer months are. Have you ever been to New England?
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