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I have been at loose ends lately. I just can't seem to get a grip on life right now. I feel like I have been waiting for THE answer for so long now. It's been 6 months since the Air Force said that they might extend our 3 year tour to a 4 year tour. Not happy news when you are in a job that you want to be done with really badly. I've blathered on enough about how I feel about recruiting, and actually these last 6 months have been not so bad recruiting wise. Although, I'm betting a lot of that came from knowing that we were suppose to be signing out of the It hurts a little to look around my house and see all of our belongings still in their places; no movers have come, and Daniel is working out of his office today.

We received the news that we were extended until May of '08 a couple of weeks ago. It was rather anti-climatic really. It came in an e-mail. I looked at it, my stomach flopped and I felt sad. Looking back it is a little surprising that I didn't feel more. It could be because we were, and still are, waiting on an answer of whether or not we will be moving to Europe to recruit out of there.

Three weeks ago we received the offer. We had to seriously talk about it, and look at all the information we could; three more years in recruiting is a really big deal for our family. From his research, it seems to be as good as recruiting could get for Daniel. To be in Europe at either one of two awesome bases sounds pretty great to me. The lure of base living is very strong. My dream of putting Eve in a Montessori school seems like more of a reality over there, than over here; and the travel that we could do! The kids and I have never met most of Daniel’s family in Germany. That, along with all the other places we could visit, sounds wonderful. I am pretty much up for an adventure anytime, and after 3 years in Vermont I really need some change.

We should know by now whether or not we got the job. But, we don't. Truthfully, I am so tired of waiting. It exhausts me; it throws my whole personality off. I lamented to Daniel last night how we still don't know whether we should just get on with regular life, one more year here, or start preparing for a move. I just need some answers. And when I say need, I really mean need. Simply for my sanity. Besides, December will be here before we know it, and I'd like to have my midwife in place long before then. Ah, the military life. It never stops refining a person. Nothing else in my life has grown me more than this military life. I can be very thankful for that.

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