A single red tulip
What a gorgeous day! We Northerners sure do know how to enjoy warm weather. It's been in the 50's lately with winds, but today - today was stunning. Eve was so excited to not have shoes on her feet, and no coat! Judah was just plain thrilled to see the door he'd been banging on all morning open up for him. I had decided this morning, way before coherent thoughts should be forming, that I was going to open all the windows I could today and let the breezes blow. For me, there is nothing quite like watching my curtains swirl around, filled with fresh, warm air.

(I knew it was going to be warm today because I have this strange addiction to the NWS. I have to check it every night right before I go to sleep. Daniel laughs at me , but he let's me be my crazy little self, and loves me all the more for it.)

Today we had our first picnic, and it was really a first for Judah. He hadn't yet learned proper picnic etiquette. Such as - leave other people's food alone. It was the cookie that got him. Why could he not have Eve's cookie? It nearly put him over the edge. He finally resorted to longing looks but Eve had a heart of stone, no sharing her cookie. He got over it.

What a beautiful day. I sat on the sidewalk letting the sun beat on me, listened to my children laugh, watched them play together, looked at my little red tulip, and I was happy. Spring can be wonderful in Vermont. What a fickle woman she is, though.
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