Love is....
I have always loved the "Love is..." comics. Ever since I can remember I would scour my Dad's paper for the little rectangle of love. I would cut it out if it really made me smile, tucking it away in my treasure box, dreaming of having someone to love. He walked into my life when I was 15 years old. At that time I couldn't even stand him. Thankfully, he was very persistent and won me over. At 20 I became his bride. Now I see his face when I read that small comic.

This was my husband tonight, except it was the dishes that he did. He does them quite often, along with many other wonderful things. He makes me feel so loved.

Does anybody else like these little comics? Here is a place to go to read the archives. If you have someone to love, they will make you smile. If not, you'll probably gag a little. The sap factor is out of control.
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