Parade - Rest

This morning found our little family sitting on the side of the main street of town watching the Memorial Day parade. The parade is the big event for the year and they sure do a good job! Eve was brave and waved at the plethora of costumed creatures and only covered her eyes for the clown, Judah waved like he was in the parade.

Eve had been invited by a friend to ride in her personal firetruck for the parade - Eve did awesome, waving at all the people and ringing the bell. She was even invited back for another parade on the Fourth of July! I love watching as Eve's life is filled with different exciting experiences. What a privilege it is to be her mother.

Judah was whooped! He has food, a bottle, his sheepskin, and his (very tired) Momma; at this point in his life that is all he needs. He's a happy boy. (Well, if you don't count the teeth coming in. Does it ever end?!)

It was a fun day! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!
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