Yesterday was a good day...for food

I don't know what it is about pregnancy and tater tots, but it's always the same story. I have to have them. It's not an option. I only eat them when I am pregnant, and just for a couple of days. Thankfully, I can eat them (almost) guilt- free as they are organic, and trans-fat-less. The chocolate chip cookies I ate yesterday were not so guilt free, but I did enjoy every. single. bite. To top off my really delicious day, I had a decaf coffee from the health food store. It would've been perfect except that it was full of coffee grinds. Bad Healthy Living, bad!! I know you Mamas have some interesting things you just had to eat when you were pregnant, so share away. I love food; talking about food, making food, buying food..... tell me your pregnancy food stories! Pretty please, with a cherry on top!... as I do love me some cherries!!
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