Some things I heart right now

I love that Apple sells refurbished iPods. I saved $50 dollars when buying a 30gb off their site, a substantial savings the way I see it. It also comes with a one year warranty, and free shipping.

MegaFood's Iron supplement has probably saved my life. I was continuously blacking out every time I got up from a sitting or laying position. This can be really dangerous, especially when you are as klutzy as me. This is a food based supplement so it's very easy on the stomach.

I am in love with my dreamer design stroller. I use it every day. I would lose my mind if I didn't have it.

I love this Recharge; it's fruit juice sweetened and helps my queasy stomach settle a bit. Delicious too!

It's cheap, smells good, and makes my skin really soft without being greasy.

I just found this in my co-op catalogue yesterday. I was out of this world excited. Ever since Brown Cow sold their soul and started using evaporated cane juice to sweeten their yogurt, I haven't been able to enjoy a delicious cup of yogurt. Sweetened exclusively with fruit juice, and fat free - this yogurt is a winner in my book. I bought 5 different flavors.

I devoured these books. There are 5 in the "boy" series and 5 in the "girl's" series. Loved them!

These candles are my favorite. I pretty much have one going all the time. They last a long time, and have a nice strong scent. Really cheap too!

This is a great resource for crafts, and learning supplies. I love that I found a great 40 piece play dough set here for Eve. It looks to have a fantastic variety of tools for her to play with. I have ordered from this company before and was really pleased. Tons of very fun stuff!

This brand of tea is so amazing. My favorites are the Decaf Earl Gray, and the Black Tea. It's organic with good strong flavor, and they are a solid company. Not cheap, but worth every penny in my book.

Anything in particular you are really diggin' right now? I'd love to know! I am easily influenced....
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