Eve has Entered the Dating Scene...
Eve went on her first bona fide date this morning....with her father. This is the beginning of what we hope is a long tradition between Daniel and Eve. They went to a local bagel shop for breakfast; she got sesame with cream cheese - half of which was still on her face when she came home. But her smile was what I noticed most.

It only was a half an hour long but the magnitude is far reaching. Eve's love language is time. She needs time, time where the attention is all on her. Who better to give her that than her father? Who better to learn from about how a woman should be treated by a man? What better way for Daniel to instill love into her little heart and create memories that will last a lifetime?

It didn't take much - half an hour and a few dollars.

I wish I could have captured the light in Eve's eyes when I told her she was going on a date with Daddy. I wish I could have captured the way her hair looked held back by a pink bow, blowing in the wind; and the way her feet fairly lifted off the ground with joy. These moments are so fleeting. I thank God for my memory.
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