A Sad Day

I barely noticed them - the red tinges on the green leaves. I wished I hadn't as soon as I saw them. I mourn.

I grew up in western New York, moved to Alaska then to North Dakota, now I live in Vermont. You'd think Winter and I would have reached some sort of understanding, but we haven't. Especially now that I have children....I loathe it. The coats, boots, mittens, hats...on and on it goes. I wish the Air Force would get the memo and pull us from the "Cold-Weather Tour". We have family in New York and Pennsylvania, I can visit snow if I really miss it.

In other sad news... any one remember this post? Not happening. We got the news a few days ago. Apparently this new rule had just come down from the top the day we found out; the new rule that there are no opportunities for cross-training into the Ground Linguist career field unless you are already in Intel. Door closed. So, what now? God's way will always be best...wish it wasn't so hard to figure out sometimes. We're feeling a little lost, and a lot pressed for time. Eve was bitterly disappointed about not being able to live in "Castle-floor-nea" and play at the beach. It's so hard for a four year old to understand what is hard for even an adult to understand. The why's of no.

Yet, we press on.
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